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If you have had teeth removed, your dentist may recommend getting dental implants to help retain the structure of your jawline and to allow you to continue to eat food without worrying about a gap in your teeth. Both dental implants and dental bridges act as replacement teeth that are specially fitted to your mouth to allow you to continue to chew like you would with your natural teeth. Dental implants and dental bridges are custom made to fit your mouth and are either attached directly to your jawbone or are supported by the surrounding teeth left over after extraction. They are incredibly useful to individuals who have had many teeth removed due to infection or decay, and are more stable than dentures. Dental implants can help you regain your dental autonomy and help restore the aesthetic appearance of a full set of teeth. On top of this, dental implants and bridges are cared for the same way as your normal teeth, so you have none of the cleaning hassle that comes with dentures. Along with this, dental implants and bridges are secured to your teeth. They don’t come in or out like dentures so there is no slippage or misalignment that can make it difficult to eat with dentures. Dental implants and dental bridges can help your teeth function as a complete set again, and can act as both functional and aesthetic additions to your mouth to replace lost or extracted teeth. Here are some of the differences between Dental Implants and Dental Bridges, and what to expect before, during, and after the installation process.

Dental Implants V.S. Dental Bridges

Dental bridges and dental implants, while similar in function, are used in very different ways. While both replace lost or extracted teeth, the method for securing the replacement tooth is different. For dental implants, an anchor point is surgically installed into your jawbone, and a crown or replacement tooth is attached to the anchor point. Dental implants are more permanent than dental bridges, and can help preserve the structure of your jawbone after tooth extraction. A dental implant can help with the aesthetic appearance of your external jaw, as there will be less structural decay due to the installation of a “tooth” for the jaw to attach to.

Dental bridges are a fixed structure of one tooth or many teeth that are attached to either an existing tooth or a dental implant in order to replace extracted teeth. Dental bridges are attached to the base of the anchor tooth in order to secure it in place. While dental bridges do not preserve the jaw structure in the same way as dental implants, they do act as functional replacements for missing teeth, and can help with eating, speaking, and other dental functions. Dental bridges do not require surgery, as they are attached to existing teeth or dental implants, and are less invasive than dental implants.

Both forms of dental reconstruction allow for your teeth to function like a full set again, and can help restore basic dental functions. Talk with your dentist about which tooth or teeth replacement option is best for you. In cases where more than one or two teeth have been removed in a row, your dentist may suggest a dental bridge to minimize the amount of surgery involved and to increase your replacement success rate. A single tooth replacement anywhere in the mouth can be easily replaced using a dental implant. Your dentist will be able to advise you on the best procedure for your oral health.

Preparing for Dental Implants

You should meet with your dentist to discuss the best dental implant plan for your individual needs. Once you have discussed the procedure, your dentist will take molds of the surrounding area and make detailed notes on the shape of your teeth. These records will be sent off to a lab to begin to make a detailed crown to act as a replacement tooth that attaches to the anchor. Your dental crown will be specially crafted to fit your unique mouth structure and to interlock with your upper or lower teeth correctly to allow for correct chewing.

If there are any other extractions that need to be made before your implant can be placed, your dentist will make a separate appointment to carry out those procedures. During the anchor installation process, your dentist applies a localized anesthetic so that you do not feel any undue discomfort during the procedure. The anchor is installed in the jaw bone and the area will be properly covered to prevent infection. Once the anchor has been placed, there is a healing period where the jawbone is allowed to grow around the anchor itself to provide stability. Once the anchor has healed correctly, your dentist will attach the custom made crown to the anchor. They will test to make sure that everything lines up correctly, and after a brief adjustment period you should be able to chew regularly. Dental implants do have a longer healing period than a dental bridge, but they function nearly identically to your natural teeth, allowing you less of an adjustment period overall.

If you are interested in setting up a consultation appointment for dental implants or dental bridges, call our office. Our team of helpful, friendly dental professionals would be happy to answer any of your questions and help you regain your beautiful smile.

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