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What Are Dentures?

Dentures are partial or full replacements for missing teeth that can be removed and cleaned as necessary. Dentures have been around for hundreds of years and act as easy to use replacements for permanent teeth. While not as stable as dental implants, dentures provide a non-invasive replacement option for anywhere from three teeth to a full set of teeth. The dentures require the creation of anywhere from a partial to a full set of false teeth that need to be specially crafted to ensure that they interact correctly with surrounding teeth and jaw structures. Immediate dentures are pre-made to fit in the mouth before the teeth are extracted, but can pose fit issues at the jawbone adjusts over time. Whether looking into normal or immediate dentures to help replace extracted teeth, Jackson Family Dentistry can help you get ready for the switch to your new set of teeth.

Denture Types

A full set of dentures can vary in form from conventional dentures, which can take 3-4 weeks to be completed, to immediate dentures, which are prepared and available to use as soon as the proper extractions are completed. Partial dentures are used to replace limited or spaced out tooth extractions, and can attach to your remaining teeth as a form of support. Both types of dentures are made using similar methods to replacement crowns and veneers. The teeth are attached to the base of the dentures, which is formed to fit snugly on your gums and can be attached using denture paste as a form of temporary adhesive. Partial dentures can help prevent the shifting of surrounding teeth due to an extraction, as well as help maintain bite alignment and even wear over the rest of your teeth. Dentures can help restore the aesthetic appearance of your teeth as well, and, when cared for correctly, are less prone to tarnishing and staining than your natural enamel.

Preparing for Dentures

When looking to invest in dentures, your dentist will talk with you about the viability of a set of partial dentures or a full replacement. If your remaining teeth are healthy enough to support a set of partials, your dentist will take a mold of your mouth and the surrounding teeth to establish the best fit for your new dentures. The mold is then sent off to a lab to be custom formed over the next several weeks. During this time period, you should keep an eye on the extraction site of a fresh tooth removal to make sure that there are no issues appearing, and follow all care instructions provided by your dentist. Partial dentures are similar to dental implants in that they only replace a few of your teeth, so the adjustment period is much shorter than a full pair of dentures, but because of the remaining gap in the dental structure of your mouth you should take extra care to ensure that food products do not become lodged in the extraction site, and make sure to keep up on dental hygiene practices to ensure there are no further dental complications.

In the case of a full set of dentures, more extractions may be needed to allow your new dentures to fit correctly in your mouth. If this is the case, your dentist will perform the necessary extractions and allow your mouth time to heal. During this time period, your dental office will be in contact with you to ensure that the healing process is going well. Making sure to clean and care for any fresh extraction sites is key to making sure that you get the best results possible and do not suffer any infections, which can delay the use of dentures until the infection has been treated. In some cases, a set of immediate dentures may be used to allow you a chewing surface until your traditional dentures are completed. Dentures can be more cost effective than implants and require less invasive medical procedures, especially in the case of a full set of teeth. Talk with your dental insurance provider to find out if the cost of dentures is covered under your plan, as most plans will cover the full price of the extraction and creation procedures if deemed a medical necessity. However, it is best to discuss your procedure with your insurance plan to figure out their individual policies.

Once you get your dentures, it may take a bit of time to properly adjust to the feeling of them in your mouth. Your dentist can help make sure that your dentures fit as well as possible, and in many cases any looseness or oddities in the feel of your dentures is due to your mouth redeveloping its muscular structure to account for the new chewing surface. Bear in mind, it is perfectly normal to have some trouble adjusting to the new way of eating food, as dentures are much different than your natural teeth. When it comes to caring for your dentures, make sure to use the dentist approved cleaning solution recommended by your provider, as while dentures are similar to your natural teeth, they require a different cleaning regimen than your normal dental hygiene routine.

If you are looking for a consultation appointment to start the process for getting dentures, contact our office. Here at Jackson Family Dentistry in Jackson, WI, we are dedicated to helping you learn the ins and outs of your dental treatment options, and pride ourselves on helping you put your best smile forwards.

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