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Just like in any other medical field, dental health has its own unique share of emergency situations that require immediate medical treatment. However, unlike the emergency room or urgent care facility for medical emergencies, many times dental offices are not considered for cases of dental distress. In the case of a severe medical emergency, emergency services should always be the first place contacted. For issues like severe tooth pain, a dislodged or broken tooth, or a damaged dental treatment such as braces or crowns, immediate dental treatment may be needed to ensure that you do not need more severe dental treatments down the road. In the case of a dental emergency, contact your dentist’s office to set up an appointment for the next possible moment. Make sure to let your dental team know the full extent of the issues, and why it is important that you are seen as soon as possible. Most dental offices will have dental emergency scheduling that allows you to get the treatment you need as soon as possible. Here are some of the most common dental emergencies, and how to know it’s time to contact your dentist to get urgent treatment.

Dental Emergencies

While there is an almost infinite list of detailed dental emergencies that need urgent treatment, there are some general issues that require urgent care from your dental team. A slight toothache can indicate that you need to get your teeth checked, or that it is time for a follow up dental appointment, however, in cases of slight or dull pain the urgency of the appointment decreases somewhat. If you are in intense dental pain, such as sharp pain or overwhelming throbbing sensation that makes it hard to speak or eat properly, getting to see your dentist as soon as possible is crucial to make sure that you are not suffering from an intense infection or any other form of dental distress. If you find yourself spitting out blood without a clear source, or any other dental issues that involve abnormal amounts of bleeding, contact your dentist immediately. If the bleeding is abnormally severe, contact your medical emergency team as soon as possible and explain that you believe the issue is dental but you are concerned about the symptoms themselves.

Teeth that are damaged to the point of causing constant pain, or in cases where pieces of the tooth have been broken off near or in the root, call your dental team immediately. Slight chips in your tooth, or cracks in the enamel should be treated as soon as possible, but are not necessarily the sign of an immediate emergency dental visit. However, if the tooth is split in half, is cracked deep in the root, or seems in any way infected due to an unnoticed dental split, contact your dental office to make an emergency appointment.

Cases of intense gingivitis are also important to get checked out immediately, as periodontal disease can lead to heart issues and more severe dental problems if left untreated. Any sign of infection of abnormal growths on the inside of the mouth should be checked out as soon as possible in case of possible cancerous growths or more severe infections or abscesses.

If you have had dental hardware installed before and it breaks or becomes dislodged, getting the piece of equipment repaired as soon as possible is crucial to making sure that your teeth stay as healthy as possible. While a slipped braces spring may be annoying, unless it is digging into the walls of your mouth or gums it is not necessary a distinct emergency. It should be checked as soon as possible by your orthodontist, but it can be put off for a day or two with cautious observation. If your brackets come dislodged, or you have a wire that is dangerously exposed in your mouth, contact your dentist to make an emergency appointment as soon as possible. Other dental issues, such as a dislodged filling, a popped crown, or a cracked veneer can be delayed for a few days if necessary, but should be treated by your dentist as soon as you can. If you suspect that a dental implant has been infected, or is coming loose, contact your dental office immediately, as quick treatment is crucial to avoiding costly dental health complications.

Emergency Dental Visits

After contacting your dental office, ask for any temporary treatment solutions they can offer to help treat your dental issue before you can get into their office. For infections, they may suggest gargling with salt water to help clean the area, or if there is a partially dislodged tooth they may recommend steps to help keep the tooth in place before you can get into their office. During the appointment, make sure to detail your symptoms to your dentist to make sure they can accurately treat the dental issue at hand. Any bits of lost or cracked teeth should be brought to the appointment. The same can be said for crowns, wires, or other parts of dental installations or treatments. If you have a broken crown, your dentist may install a temporary crown while a more permanent treatment option is being crafted for you. Your dental team may apply a localized anesthetic or supply over the counter pain management options to help relieve some of the dental discomfort. While it can seem terrifying to deal with dental emergencies, your dental team is specially trained to make sure you get the best treatment, whether the issues be a build up of tartar or an abscessed tooth. Your dentist will discuss the specialized treatment options available to you, and in cases of extraction or other invasive dental procedure, they will make sure that you are aware of the risks and procedural steps so that you are comfortable with the treatment.

If you have an emergency dental concern, contact our office to set up an appointment today. Our team of specially trained dental professionals are well equipped to deal with any dental emergency, and work hard to make sure you are comfortable during your visit here.

Source: https://www.webmd.com/oral-health/guide/handling-dental-emergencies

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