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Pediatric dentists focus on treating children from birth through K12 with growing teeth. From baby teeth growth and care, to the installation of braces, pediatric dentists work diligently to preserve and nurture the dental health of your children, and make sure that they are comfortable with dental visits and hygiene routines. The specific treatments for pediatric teeth vary widely from adult teeth, and require more specialized care than a generalized dentist. A good pediatric dentist will make sure you and your child are comfortable and well cared for, and should provide a positive, caring environment for your child. After all, teaching good dental hygiene habits and practices at a young age can help ensure the dental health of your children far into their future, and early treatment can help prevent further dental costs and issues down the road. When considering a new pediatric dentistry practice, you should gauge the comfort of your child with dental treatments and the dental practice as a whole if they have prior dental experiences, as well as the friendliness of the staff. A good pediatric dentist will make sure you are comfortable with all treatment options, and will not pressure you to accept unnecessary dental procedures. They will help your child learn about the ins and outs of dental care, and should be able to converse with children about dental issues in simple terms that can be easily understood. Here are some tips for picking out the right pediatric dentistry practice for you and your child.


Do your research when looking into a new dental practice, especially a pediatric dental practice. Looking up the dental office on their website to get a good feel for their practice, as well as asking friends and family for recommendations is advisable, as it can give you a good feel for the practice. Setting up an introductory visit to the practice can also be useful in helping you decide on the right dental team for your child, as a first visit can give you a good feel for the atmosphere of the dental office and should make you and your child feel comfortable. A good pediatric dentistry office will provide a secure environment for your child to have their first dental experience, as many children develop a fear of dentists. Adjusting your child to the right dental team can help with these fears, and develop a sense of trust between you, your child, and your dental team, so you can get the best treatment without the undue stress on your child.

Location and size can also play a large role in determining the right pediatric dentistry office for your family, as many small scale practices have a welcoming atmosphere, but may not provide some specialized services, meaning your child may have to visit many other dental teams to get the treatment they need. If the dental office you are looking at claims to be a child-friendly dentist but has no clear amenities set up for children, such as a play area in the waiting room or colorfull, character themed options for toothbrushes and wall designs to help make children feel comfortable, you should consider looking elsewhere for pediatric dental treatments. If your dentist does not allow you to be with your young child during the dental procedure, you should look elsewhere for a pediatric dentist. While this is not as crucial for teenage children, for small children separation can cause undue anxiety and instill a mistrust of dentists.

First Visit

When you and your child first visit the pediatric dental office, you should first discuss the visit with them. There are a wide range of children’s books and television shows that introduce smaller children to going to the dentist, and can provide a reference point for their first visit, so they can be less nervous. Your child’s dentist will discuss with you what the best course of action for the first visit is. For some children, just visiting the office for the first time and being introduced to the dental team and some of the dental tools. For many children, dental tools can be scary the first time they see them. A good pediatric dentist will take the time to show your children the tools they use and what they do. Pediatric dentists realize that a dentist’s office can be new and confusing to a small child, and will go out of their way to make your child comfortable. If your child needs a cleaning on their first visit, your dental hygienist will work closely with you to help them adjust to the idea of having their teeth cleaned. You child’s comfort is key to your first visit to the office, and a good pediatric team will work diligently to make sure that they have a wonderful first visit. Your pediatric dentist should explain what he’s doing to your child at all times to make sure they are comfortable with the procedures, such as drawing a picture of a cavity to show them why brushing teeth is important, or using visual aids to help set your child at ease.

In the case of an unruly or panicking child, talk with your dentist beforehand to figure out the best way to contain the situation so your child doesn’t end up unintentional injuring themselves or the dentist, as dental tools are precision instruments and should be treated with caution. A good pediatric dentist should know how to handle an upset or misbehaving child firmly, but without causing alarm. If you feel that your dentist does not carry themselves well when treating your child, you should find another dentist or dental team, as you and your child’s comfort are key.

If you are looking for a pediatric dentistry team, call our office to set up a first visit with your child. We pride ourselves on the friendliness of our staff, and make sure our office laid out in best way possible to help your child feel at ease during their dental visit, and to nurture a trusting relationship between your child and their dental health team.

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